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Istanbul, our first stop. 

Europe - Istanbul, 24th June.

I have just started my travelling around Europe and I’m already having a blast. I’ve been in Istanbul for only a day and I’ve learnt and seen so much and met some great people. I saw all the attractions such as the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya Mosque, Basicalla Cistern and the Grand Bazaar. I didn’t realise how much history and heritage Istanbul had.
At the Grand Bazaar we met up with 3 Aussies and one English guy called Matt who’s almost been our tour guide. We bought some wacky Islamic styled shirts that I’m currently sat in now writing the post. This evening has consisted of a cheese burger, Turkish tea and Tuborg beer - a new favourite beer. We sat on the roof terrace as the sun set with the two Mosques behind us. I’m staying at the Orient hostel which is friendly and very welcoming. Tomorrow we will try visit the Palace but who knows.
Goodbye from Istanbul 👋



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perfect for a Sunday

Anonymous said: Who are your favourite artists/photographers?

Urm my favourite photographers are probably Uta Bath, William Eggleston, Can Dagarslani, Vittorio Ciccarelli. All quite different from one another, but all produce beautiful photographs. My favourite artists are Edward Hopper, Ernesto Artillo and Tyler Sprangler. :) Thanks